Titanium tubing experts present weight saving products at A&DSS in Seattle

Superior Tube and Fine Tubes specialize in manufacturing tubing in new, higher strength grades of titanium that offer substantial weight savings compared to the current industry standard.

Having recently been awarded with contracts by leading airframe manufacturers both businesses will present their high performance, weight-saving products for the aerospace market at A&DSS Seattle on Stand 129 from 14 – 15 April 2016.

Supplying both military and commercial aircraft, Superior Tube and Fine Tubes also work with stainless steel, nickel and specialty alloys to develop corrosion and heat resistant tubing for critical hydraulic, mechanical and structural applications including:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
  • Aerospace Engine tubes
  • Instrumentation
  • Transmission tubing
  • Mechanical tubes

Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle is a world class B2B event that offers aerospace leaders the opportunity to meet with potential industry partners across the supply chain.

For an appointment at the show with our aerospace experts, please click here or contact:

Wade Burchell
Aerospace Product Manager

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