Chemical Process

Superior Tube supplies high quality tubing to companies in the chemical processing industry, where our products fulfill a variety of roles. Our specially manufactured tubes are used in condensers, flow meters, measurement systems, hydraulic systems, shell and tube heat exchangers, and more. You’ll find them deployed in various industrial applications including acetic acid plants and pulp and paper production.

The performance of our tubes is critical in the extreme environments created when various chemical substances are being used. Corrosive compounds, heat and pressure are all factors our products have to withstand. For instance, light wall tubing made from corrosion resistant alloys is supplied for the production of condensers and turbines. On the other hand, Superior Tube supplies corrosion resistant and high pressure heavy wall tubing for transporting liquids through pumps.

Tubes manufactured at our mill for the chemical processing industry meet and exceed the highest specifications for integrity, and outperform industry standards such as BS, ASTM, ASME and TüV by a distance. High quality tubes by Superior Tube ensure maximum operating efficiency with total product reliability in ever more hostile operating environments.


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Instrumentation tubes
  • High pressure tubes

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